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Take care of your old machine
« on: April 19, 2020, 05:15:10 pm »
If your windows computer reached it's one year of use and gets slower than it used to be when it was new then it's time to consider having these stuffs...

a. Antimalware/antivirus
To work along side windows defender the default antimalware program of windows.

b. Second opinion antimalware/antivirus
As the name implies, to get second opinion malware scanning to ensure safety.

c. System utilities
To get rid of the stored files in result of the continuous downloading in your system during internet activity.

d. Program uninstaller
To get rid of your uninstalled programs' file remnants all through out your computer system.

Running out of disk space on main hard drive (C:) is also a sure thing in getting your computer run slow, so if you don't want to take the risk of allocating some space from your secondary hard drive (D:) which requires good strong knowledge then aside from implementing c and d above you can do...

a. Uninstalling less important programs, those that you do not use so often or not using at all. Open your chosen program uninstaller and browse through your programs.

b. Replacing relatively huge programs with similar smaller ones if possible depends on how you use it. Like for example, if you're using the Adobe reader which is about from 500Mb to 1Gb in size and just reading and not editing PDFs then you can replace it with SlimPDF reader, about only 15Mb in size.

c. Using the available portable version of some programs may also help.

Thanks and stay safe.

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