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Title: Procedure
Post by: admin on April 24, 2021, 12:23:29 am
To be partners you need to put a backlink, a link to our website from your website.


Title/Caption: TheWebEarners | Online Earners Community Forum

Link: (

or you can use your TWE referral URL it can be found in your profile page.

A simple text link will do, but if you want a banner click here: Promotional Banners ( and choose any.

After that, reply here or send PM with the URL in where you put our link or banner together with your website and banner URLs (our preferred banner size is 125x125px).

Thank you.

Additional info:

You must be a registered member before you can be a partner.

We accept any website whether new or old with low or high rank, except those that contain illegal content like pornography, gambling, illegal drugs, etc..

You must have a 125x125px banner.

Just reply to this topic or send PM.