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Title: BuxOut - Closed
Post by: admin on May 19, 2021, 04:29:52 pm

A PTC launched on 07 Mar 2021, where members can earn from clicking ads and playing the CixGrid.

Earnings and Other Details: (based on basic membership)

* Own click: $0.00022 - $0.002
* Commission from Referral's Activities
      Direct Referral's click: 30% of click value
      Rented Referral's click: 30% of click value
      Referral's Upgrade: $0
      Referral's Purchase: $0
* Direct Referral Limit: 20
* Rented Referral Limit: 30
* Number of adverts to click: 20 plus or minus
* Minimum Cashout: $2
* Waiting time for payment: 10 days
* No Restrictions all countries accepted,
* Payment Processors: Payeer (Perfect Money is for upgraded members only)
* Contests and Promos are being introduced from time to time
* Member's Inactivity Policy: 30 days

Other Earning Options

*Renting Referrals

At present there is no implementation of ''must invest to withdraw earnings'' policy.

Additional withdraw policy is being implemented for the following countries: Algeria, United States, Korea, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia

Should deposit $2 in order to get paid.

Join here:

banner and link removed


Due to the recent issue with one of its payment processors one should made a deposit in order to get paid..


This PTC, BuxOut is now under new management.


Website is Closed.