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Title: New Membergroups Enabled
Post by: admin on May 20, 2021, 11:41:22 pm
Hello everyone,

We've enabled some membergroups to join the list of TWE's old regular and post-count based groups namely:

Regular (Primary) Membergroups

a. Administrator, TWE
b, Global Moderator, TWE
c. Moderator, TWE

Post-Count Based Membergroups

a. New Member (0-19 posts)
b. Junior Member (20-99 posts)
c. Full Member (100-249 posts)
d. Senior Member (250-499 posts)
e. Hero Member (500 up posts)

The new groups which belong to the regular membergroups are as follows:

a. Online Seller
b. PTC/GPT Site Owner
c. Web Developer
d. Web Graphics Designer

To use these just PM me and provide any proof to support your request (website, portfolio etc.)

If you want to use two (ex: you're a PTC owner and a designer at the same time) just tell me your preferred primary group and you can put the other one as your custom title so both will appear on your post topic author profile box (see figure below).


Thanks, enjoy and a nice day.